Top 10 Cell Phone Providers

1. Verizon

Look no further for a cell phone provider that you can rely on. Verizon Wireless is an accredited cell phone service that millions of people around the world count on to connect them to the world. With low costs and excellent service, there is no surprise why Verizon is rated #1 by Best Top Ten Lists.

2. AT&T

When it comes to cell phone providers, AT&T is one of the best. They guarantee perfect service 100% of the time, so dropped calls can be a thing of the past. This leader in telecommunication services is sure to impress you with their fast service and low monthly prices.

3. Sprint

There is no need to settle for a mediocre cell phone provider when you can choose Sprint! Not only does Sprint offer affordable cell phone plans, but they are one of the greenest companies, so you can be sure to feel good about the environment when choosing them. Go with the company that offers great service at a low cost - go with Sprint!

4. T-Mobile

For a good cell phone plan at an affordable price, T-Mobile is the company to go with. They offer some of the best Androids available, and you can get a flexible plan that can be used for prepaid phones and more. If you're on a budget but don't want to sacrifice great service, then T-Mobile is the company for you.

5. Boost Mobile

If you're looking for a nice cell phone on a budget, then Boost Mobile is definitely a great option. For a low monthly price, you can get unlimited call and text, or you can get a prepaid phone for a low price! They also offer Android's and Blackberry's, so you can get a great phone for a great price with Boost Mobile!

6. Cricket

With zero contracts and zero commitment, Cricket Mobile is definitely the plan for you if you do not like being tied down to anything. Not only are their phones and their plans highly affordable, but they offer good service as well. Perfect for a college student or a person on the go, Cricket is a reliable cell phone provider.

7. Virgin Mobile

Offering numerous services and deals with great cell phones, Virgin mobile is one of the top cell phone providers because of their great offers. You can get unlimited data and messaging with every smart phone plan, so forget about spending extra money on data. As an affordable company with great deals, Virgin Mobile is a great choice.

8. US Cellular

With US Cellular, you will receive even more affordable prices for pretty good cell phone service. They offer unbelievably low cost cell phones that start as low as one penny! If you're looking for a decent phone on a budget, then consider choosing US Cellular for your cell phone provider!

9. Metro PCS

Why should you have to be held down by a cell phone contract when you can get a no contract cell phone with Metro PCS? The low-rate cell phones offered by Metro PCS are offered with unlimited talk, text and web. You can even get Android phones and other types of smart phones!

10. TracFone

TracFone may be our #10 cell phone provider, but they are proudly labeled America's #1 prepaid wireless provider. If you're in need of a prepaid phone, then TracFone is definitely the best choice for you. You can pay as you go, and you are obligated to no contracts or monthly plans. Don't be tied down - choose TracFone!